Monday, July 17, 2017

The Pirate and the Sunrise Princess

The Pirate and the Sunrise Princess 

When you're ready for a multicultural historical romance in the sunny Caribbean,  click the link to learn more about The Pirate and the Sunrise Princess by Kat Monet. 


Click Here for The Pirate and the Sunrise Princess


Sail into the pirate-infested waters of the Caribbean of the 1800s with El Dragón and Sophia. The dragon is a Danish privateer captain. Sophia is the descendant of a Spanish noble and an African servant. While she has been raised as a free and pampered daughter of a Spanish doctor, the Danish privateers don't always make such fine distinctions.

While Sophia might appear vulnerable, she knows more about the Danish captain than she thinks she does at first. Can love and loyalty prove stronger than hate and greed?

This historical romance blends action, the history of the Caribbean, and of course, a bit of erotic spice. It's also free with Kindle Unlimited. 

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