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Blaise and Blaide: A Historical Romance With a Bit of Spicy Erotica

Blaise and Blade: The Medieval Romance With a Bit of Spice

Are you looking for a historical romance that will allow you to escape back to Old England right after the Norman Conquest? If so, get ready to fall in love with Blaise and Blade. This is a full-length novel with an HEA ending because you know you're sick of downloading spicy romances just to get hit with a cliffhanger ending and a long wait for the next book.

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Here's a Quick Summary of This Medieval Romance

Sir Robert D'Arcy conquered Harding Keep in the name of King William the Conqueror. As he and his brother, Sir Brandon, invaded the keep, they had a problem -- none of the terrified servants or low-level staff spoke much French, and they spoke very little English. Only Blaise, the illegitimate daughter of the deposed lord could bridge the gap between the new masters and the keep's residents.

In time, Sir Robert ascended to a lordship over the entire shire. He brought his family, which included his wife, his mother, and his three sons. As time passed, the family accepted Blaise as a sort of foster daughter. As more time passed, Blade, the count's youngest son, fell in love with Blaise, and she fell in love with him. Since Blade was only being groomed as a knight and administrator, the count and countess believed a marriage between their third son and the old lord's daughter was appropriate.

Of course, Blade didn't want to wait for marriage. The day after they young lovers consummated their romance, Blade had to leave for Normandy as the squire to his elder brother, Sir Aston, the heir to the shire. He and Blaise intended to marry as soon as he returned from what was supposed to be a short mission.

Sir Aston died bravely. Blade was seriously injured, but he recovered to return home as the new count, a position he had never wanted nor counted upon. Meanwhile, Blaise had been cast out of Harding Court and lived her life as a desperate outlaw. As Blade struggled to control his estate and his shire, Blaise struggled against him.

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